Optimised Construction
Our partner:
MLC Technologies

Energy optimisation, (ENEV) life cycle assessment, Building and plant optimisation, Building certification ... These are keywords, which every client has to address. What are his legal obligations in regard to governmental requirements? How can he design efficiency to economically maintain his building? What planning is required to certify his building to the latest regulatory standards? e.g. to meet green building rating systems such as DGNB (Germany), BREEAM (United Kingdom), LEED (United States and Canada), etc.

PLASCHKA + PARTNER support their clients by:

  • Analysing the existing or planned building materials services and structure
  • Analysing the existing or planned mechanical and electrical (MEP) systems and their Running costs
  • Interpreting critical technical data and results
  • Feasibility design and proposals for MEP plant optimisation
  • Comparative calculation of capital and operating costs

Naturally, we support you thereafter in implementing financial grants and planning applications