Optimised Construction
Our partner:
MLC Technologies

The name Plaschka stands for competence in the field of technical building services.
Our scope of work includes design documentation for the supply and installation of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, (HVAC) plumbing and electrical service installation. We also procure, as required, the complete architectural construction design services.
A core skill in the provision of user-friendly systems with maximum efficiency is our motto. Via collaboration with our specialist partners, we design and develop efficient and dynamic client orientated solutions. Our comprehensive and professional project management procurement guarantees quality assurance at every stage of construction.

Quality Assurance

Due to our vast amount of engineering experience, continuous training of our staff and years of dedication, we can guarantee all clients the highest degree of workmanship and quality.
From the start we appoint a project manager who works in close co-operation with the client to process and resolve all technical solutions. This personal contact service is guaranteed throughout the entire project, testing, commissioning, handover and final account.

For every project we produce a specific Project Manual and procure specifications to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. We shall, as a minimum, work in accordance with the standards set out by the authority and complete recognised regulatory documentation for each country we work in.
For example:

  • "Project Management Professional " by PMI published by the Project Management Institute in Munich, which is the basis for planning and controlled construction procurement in Germany.
  • BREEAM sustainable buildings, European EU and International standards, etc.