Optimised Construction
Our partner:
MLC Technologies

At PLASCHKA + PARTNER we recognise the mechanical and electrical design services as a major and critical activity within the complete construction project management process. We design, co ordinate and control all technical, structural and professional management issues throughout the construction services process. We consider and manage all organisational, logistical and technical aspects necessary to enable the most economical construction process possible.

Via our individual ORGANISATION OPTIMISATION we support the client specifically during:

  • The feasibility design and technical due diligence analysis, via inspection of the actual status of the project and system requirements
  • Planning and programming of all construction activities on site
  • Formulation of schedules to determine capacity requirements and lead in periods
  • Cost planning and early quality control management to avoid critical activity delay at the construction progress phase

Similarly, we support you on QUALITY MANAGEMENT and control via:

  • Compliance with the functional requirements of the clients initial planning and design brief
  • Compliance with the local planning requirements in particular with technical standards
  • Recommending alternative solutions, in particular the procurement of economical solutions locally available

Further quality issues are considered below with regard to » COST OPTIMISATION PROCEDURES